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It's true that moderate smoking is good for your health!

It's true that smoking properly is good for your body, because smoking can stimulate the brain's dopamine production. It can make people feel relaxed, thus achieving the function of pleasant mood. Dopamine is a brain secretion, which belongs to neurotransmitter, which affects people's emotions, because it transmits the function of happiness and excitement, also known as happy substance. Next, let's take you together to learn about the relevant information. Many people talk about the color change of smoke and think that tobacco is the devil that damages the health. In fact, everything has two sides, one is good and the other is bad. As long as it is not excessive, it will not do too much harm to the body, but it will have some benefits. There are many things in life, which are different from what some experts tell us. For example, the Japanese are so stressed and hard-working that they smoke and drink until midnight every night, but as a result, they are one of the oldest people in the world! Hong Kong people are crowded on the narrow peninsula every day. They endure all kinds of automobile exhaust and noise all their life. They can't see any green mountains and rivers. After retirement, they still hold cigarettes and rub mahjong in narrow residential buildings. Their average life expectancy is actually ranked second.Moreover, the European life span was extended from the introduction of tobacco. Before industrial civilization, the average life span of all nationalities was only about 40 years old. However, since the Europeans discovered the new continent, they got tobacco from America and began to learn to smoke, and their life expectancy began to rise significantly higher than that of other nations. Of course, some people will say that this is the reason for medical progress. But the real big progress in health care began at the end of the 19th century. Since the early 18th century, Europeans who love drinking and smoking have been significantly longer than non drinking and non-smoking Arabs. So the problem is coming. Why should we vigorously promote non smoking and drinking? In real life, there are many opportunities for our brain to be unhappy and stop secreting dopamine. For example, the dissatisfaction of sexual life and the competitive pressure of survival will make our brain punish us, make us feel depressed and angry, and then increase adrenaline, blood pressure, organs overload operation, let the body enter the stress response, over time, the body will be on the body Body deals all-round damage. At this time, smoking and drinking play their role. When we feel depressed and anxious, we can take a cigarette and drink a glass of wine, and we will feel relieved. The reason is that they stimulate the secretion of dopamine in the brain, so that the body does not have to enter the stress state at any time and suffer too much damage.