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We emphasize that smoking is harmful to our health every day. We exhort the old smokers to quit smoking as soon as possible for their health. But most smokers still go their own way, smoking one by one every day. For smokers who know that smoking is harmful to their health, but they are still so infatuated with it? Do you think smoking is good for your health? Look at the problem dialectically. After research, it is found that smoking really has several "benefits". Old smokers may as well see if this is the reason why you don't quit smoking. One of the benefits of smoking is to refresh and refresh the mind. Many smokers do not want to quit smoking for a very important reason, that is, smoking can refresh and refresh the mind. Nicotine in cigarettes into the human body, will stimulate the brain to release dopamine and other happy substances, so that people become excited, the brain becomes clear, fatigue will slowly disappear. And smoking a cigarette when you are under pressure, because nicotine can release more dopamine, which can relieve stress, calm emotions, and even improve memory. The second advantage of smoking is that the ability to resist haze is often stronger than that of ordinary people. Haze is a problem that puzzles us now. When the air quality is poor and the haze is strong, if we don't wear a good mask, we will feel unable to breathe and suffocate. It is very difficult for us to move in the case of heavy haze. But the smokers are different. In fact, smokers will not feel uncomfortable in the haze weather. Because the PM2.5 produced after two consecutive cigarettes is about 1000, and when the pollution is relatively serious, the PM2.5 in the air will not exceed 500. For smokers, this haze is nothing, and the amount of haze smelled after smoking every day is many times that of this one, which has been used to for a long time. The third advantage of smoking: you can lose weight. People who smoke a lot may find that they become fat after quitting smoking. In fact, this is a normal phenomenon. As we all know, smoking is more harmful to the stomach, and will also damage the nervous system, so that the taste of people who smoke will not be very strong, when smoking cessation, taste and appetite are increased, unconsciously eat more, the body gets enough nutrition, and then get fat. And the person that smokes all the time, appetite is not very good, can always thin go on. Smoking can help people keep weight and lose weight, which should be considered a more favorite benefit.