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The feeling of smoking

Smokers understand what it feels like to smoke. Many people say that it can be used to excite people. As a smoker with years of experience, I would like to turn to the question of whether non-smokers can understand one or two? It's a feeling of calm. When there's no smoke on your body, you'll be a little restless, and you'll feel a little flustered about something. When you smoke a little, you'll be calm and safe. When chatting and writing with people, I unconsciously smoke more. When the cigarette is gone, I feel that I can't talk and write. If I come to a box of cigarettes, I will be stable. Therefore, smoking is a habitual psychological and physiological dependence, just like when you go out of the house, you will habitually touch your bag to see if you have the key with you. Before you go to bed, you should read a newspaper or a book, or you will feel lost. As for the taste, I can't say. Can you tell me what the taste of rice and steamed bread is? You know it when you eat it in your mouth, but you can't say it. Or, is smoking good? Wonderful! It's not wonderful. It's wonderful. Though it's not wonderful, it's hard to quit. If you tell people that if you give up, you will stop smoking tomorrow, and you will feel a little afraid that you can't do it. Smoking is not good. Everyone knows that it is not good to give up smoking fiercely. We are trying to reduce the amount of smoking gradually. Hey, test yourself.Whenever I pick up a cigarette and start to smoke, the whole person feels steadfast, not anxious or flustered. You can also feel that it is a psychological effect, but it has helped me a lot recently. When people are somewhat helpless, they will pick up cigarettes. When I am sometimes depressed, boring, lonely, lonely, smoking a cigarette, can let me find the feeling of my own existence. You see, it's nothing special. It's just to satisfy yourself by borrowing cigarettes. Smoking for a whole year, on average, less than half a pack a day. I record my initial feelings, I'm afraid I'll forget them. At the same time, it can also be used as a reference for close friends. Of course, since I have not planned to quit smoking, I must talk about its advantages. 3. Is there a sense of lack without smoking? At the end of August last year, we were preparing for the postgraduate examination of Fudan communication for engineering subjects. For a period of time, I was quite tired, and my willpower began to slacken. I was sleepy and could not sit still. I wondered if smoking could be better (I had a blind chat with a friend before, and I would have passed the lung). It's hard to get used to it (white Hongta mountain). I still choose the one with light taste. I think I'll forget it. I'll give it up for Fudan. Whether it's discomfort or excitement, I feel relaxed gradually. It's a little bit of a substitute for exercise. It releases negative energy and produces the feeling of polyphenolphthalein. It can directly refer to the feeling of being unable to speak after exercise.