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Why do so many people smoke?

Since childhood, we know that smoking is harmful to our health, but why do so many people continue to smoke? Researchers believe that this is mainly due to the influence of the external environment: 1. There are many people in the work, study, life after setbacks, will borrow smoking to ease their tension, eliminate all worries. 2. Curiosity. For most of the teenagers who smoke, they are just curious at first. They often hear that "a cigarette after a meal is better than a living immortal", and they want to experience the taste of it in person. 3. Communication needs. In China, smoking has become a means of communication. Smoking is often a prelude to social intercourse, which can shorten the psychological distance between people. Mutual respect for cigarettes can communicate feelings, produce psychological proximity, and help solve problems. Many people start out purely because of social intercourse. Before doing business, they should first give each other a cigarette and then light one for themselves. When others offer you a cigarette, it is impolite to refuse to accept it. With the increase of this kind of "reciprocity", gradually from smoking a cigarette for half a day to not smoking for half a day, I finally joined the ranks of smokers. 4. Refreshing. After smoking addiction, people find that smoking has a certain exciting effect, and the physiological addiction makes smoking a habit and enjoyment. Many people who are addicted to smoking have no spirit if they don't smoke. Once they smoke, they are full of energy and open their minds. 5. Show your maturity. In the eyes of many teenagers, smoking is a sign of man, a sign of maturity. In order to prove that he is no longer a child, he chose to smoke. 6. Imitation. Cigarette has a variety of symbolic functions. In history, many great men were smokers, such as Churchill's cigar, Stalin's pipe and Mao Zedong's tobacco addiction. Many young people imitate these great figures. Besides, it has a great influence on the young people or the young people. Many people know that smoking is harmful to their health before they become addicted to it. However, due to the influence of the external environment, some people have to smoke, and some people need to smoke at work. Due to various reasons, they finally become addicted to smoking, and it will be difficult to stop smoking again.