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Women who smoke are also a stream of "pure stream"

In fact, the word "Qingliu" is always mentioned now, but how to understand "Qingliu"? "Clean as water" is enough. Who can say that a girl whose heart is pure like a child can't be regarded as "pure stream" just because she smokes a cigarette? Modern public opinion always likes to attract people's attention and kill people with irrational arguments. For example, "smoking subverts the image of purity", "smoking destroys the image of XX lady" This is unscientific, unreasonable and one-sided. When you see a Wenqing with a cigarette in her hand, her face is so vivid and her expression is indifferent to the world. Her whole body exudes a kind of temperament of "human and animal harmless". This kind of temperament will only make you heartache. It is said that most of the girls who smoke are Wenqing, because they want to use cigarettes for inspiration. In this way, they are more and more different. Working goddess, home to take off shoes, spread in the sofa, just want to light a cigarette, let the world calm down. There is always a group of low-key or publicity women, they have slender fingers, provocative posture, light a cigarette, vaguely live in the moment. They have high education, high income, but high pressure. How to look at them, they are "Qingliu" general existence. Can they make complaints about smoking, decompression and catharsis? Isn't it more charming that she smokes? The smoking rose, no matter how to smoke, she is still the dignified and decent lady, is still the beauty of the "clear" beauty. Smoking girl, fingers slender, gentle as jade. They always use their fingers to hold the smoke. The smoke between the fingers is a beautiful ornament in front of the curtain. The smoke is just like being played and stroked by dexterous green hands. Such a beautiful hand as white as onion root is lovely. All their worries and worries are drifting away with the burning smoker. Women like the gentle feeling, like the smoke of the fingertips dancing with a gentle arc. But the reality is too cruel, women can not be too weak. It's a time for women to be tough. Smoke is her weapon. Smoking makes them forget their worries in an instant. And real life is not something you can do with a cigarette or two. one or two can't solve the problem, use a box of cigarettes to solve it! She loves a burning soul, a burning mind. Let this burning be purer and baptize the soul.